Quirk & Colour (Eclectic Interiors) is based in Brighton, East Sussex and was founded in 2019 by owner, Victoria McDonald.

Our Vision:
To help create a world where everyone feels comfortable & confident celebrating their quirks & differences, to promote the positive power of colour and demonstrate how it can improve your mood & surroundings.

Our Mission:
To help busy professionals transform their home to reflect their personality and increase their happiness & wellbeing.
To help HMO Landlords, Property Professionals and Holiday Let Owners transform their properties into welcoming & appealing spaces- that will attract high end tenants, achieve premium rents and minimise void periods.

Our Values:
Committed to Colour. Passionate about Pattern. Dedicated to Design.

My first memory of interiors is when I was younger and was dragged kicking and screaming to Ikea in Gateshead for the first time by my parents. I wanted to stay in the car and was in a total huff. To be fair, I didn’t know back then that they did hotdogs. However, once I got inside the store I was quickly mesmerised by all the wonderful room sets and the different options, products and solutions on display. I began to dream about what my house was going to look like when I was older, and how happy I would be living there.

When I studied Art & Design at University in Manchester, I actually ended up specialising in Graphic Design. I then decided to embark on an entirely different career, before coming back full circle to Interior Design.

When I bought my first home and was free of the decorating restraints that I experienced as a renter, my passion began to gather pace. I wanted to create a sanctuary in my own home. A place where I could return to after a hard day at work and relax. A space where I could escape from the outside world and just be myself. Even years ago I was championing the “Joy Of Missing Out.”

Friends, family and visitors began complimenting my work and asking for my advice on their interiors. This gave me confidence to pursue a career in creating eclectic interiors for my clients that will make them smile.

I obtained my Diploma in Interior Design and have embarked on several other short courses including Interior Styling and Colour Theory. My commitment to self-development and learning is ongoing and this will naturally benefit my clients.

I am proud to have had my upcycled furniture and handmade candles featured in “Style at Home,” “Sussex Life” and “Homemaker” publications. I was also a guest stylist in the May 2018 edition of “Style at Home” magazine.

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