How long will the whole process take?

This will depend on which package you choose. Timescales will be discussed and agreed during the consultation process. If you need your room created for a specific special event then please inform me of this at the earliest opportunity.

How much will it cost?

Each carefully constructed package has a different price point. Please note that the price you pay for the package does NOT include the budget for the fixtures, fittings, materials and labour required to implement the scheme- so please consider this separately. Whatever your room budget, Quirk & Colour will do the utmost to design and deliver the best space possible.

How much input can I have in the whole process?

You can have as much or as little input as you want! By deciding how involved you wish to be from the outset then you can decide on which package would best suit you.

Can I keep some furniture or accessories I already have?

Of course! Your home should be representative of you and the things you like. In fact every room should have a mix of old and new items. It may be that there’s a nostalgic family heirloom that you can’t face getting rid of or we can incorporate or upcycle items to fit into your new scheme.

Can you replicate a previous design of yours for me?

No. All my designs are unique and tailor made for each individual client. It wouldn’t be fair on previous clients to replicate their unique design. And it would be very lazy on my behalf.

Do you work with home owners or renters?

I work with both. I am currently both a landlord, and a tenant. This means that I can consider the design process from both points of view. A lot of tenants have constraints on what they can do in their rental properties, but this is not an excuse for not injecting some quirk and colour into your home and we’ll discuss ways to do this without upsetting your landlord.

I’m nervous about having someone I don’t know in my house!

This is totally understandable. This is why I am CRB checked for your peace of mind. Speaking of peace of mind- I also have Public Liability and Professional Indemnity Insurance too.

What if it goes over budget?

It is my promise to you that this will NOT happen. With THE MANAGER package this works both ways. If the project comes in under budget or chosen items are subsequently reduced on sale, the money will be refunded. You will be provided with receipts as proof as spending. Unlike other interior designers, I am not affiliated with any brands or products so I will recommend what I honestly think are the best options for you.

What if I don’t like the results?

It is highly unlikely that this will happen. This is why I have spent time preparing the Consultation that every client undertakes. All Moodboards will be sent in advance of any work being undertaken and changes can be made at this stage until you are happy.

I know you’re based in Brighton- how far will you travel for work?

There will be no extra charges applied if you live within a 25 mile radius from Brighton and Hove. I am happy to travel within a 100 mile radius from Brighton, but this may be subject to an increase in the package price due to time and travel costs. This will depend on the package chosen and how many trips will need to be undertaken.

This all sounds great, but I’m not sure I can afford it?

I would say that the question is – can you afford not to? I offer payment plans on our packages to help you spread the cost if necessary. Please contact me for more information.